Public Announcement

Due to flood damage the following roads are closed: 2350 between 1050/1060; 940 between Hwy 54/2390; 2430 between 950/940; Deer Creek Rd between 1000/1010. WAITING ON REPAIRS

Public Announcement

Due to flood damage, the following roads are closed: E1030 between N2320 & N2330 - WAITING ON REPAIRS.

Election Board

The Election Board Secretary's Office

Election Board Duties

  • Supervises voter registration, voter outreach, and maintains registration records
  • Designates polling places & conducts elections for school districts, municipalities, county, state & federal entities
  • Appoints and trains election officials and prepares & assembles supplies, ballots & materials for elections
  • Provides absentee voting (mail, nursing homes and in-person)
  • Certifies official election results and conducts contests of candidacy and election recounts
  • Provides public information for all election related activities